A solo starting outside, ending inside...

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Cody Cummings
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Starring Cody Cummings
  • Updated on 10-07-2009
  • Length 19:57 min
  • Rating 2 out of 10

It goes without saying that Cody Cummings likes to keep in shape. In fact, today he's reading up on the latest weight lifting techniques so he can stay toned and firm for his fans. And this time he's sporting a t-shirt that a lucky fan sent him! It says 'Hang Loose' and is just Cody's style.

He'll be wearing it when he pulls out his massive cock. He starts out on the balcony, stroking his dick against a breathtaking view. When the summer sunshine gets a little too hot, Cody retreats to the shower where he continues to handle his erection quite sexily. It's a solo to remember.