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Rod Daily
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Starring Rod Daily, Rylan Shaw
  • Updated on 04-13-2012
  • Length 23:42 min
  • Rating 6 out of 10

Rod Daily is letting it all hang out and doesnít really give a shit who knows it. Wacking his meat in the public stall, he spreads his legs and kicks open the door, jacking it in all of its splendor for the whole world to see. Itís inevitable that eventually someone will happen into the locker room, and sure enough, eventually that someone turns out to be Rylan Shaw, he of the variety known to frequent locker rooms in search of Glory. Well glory heís found, as he peeps through the hole in the wall and sees Rodís hard cock getting stroked. In a move of faith, Rylan unzips his pants and slides his cock through the whole, and when Rod takes it first in his hand, then in his mouthÖ well thatís when Rylan knows it is on like Tron. Meeting face to face after trading some head through the Hole, Rodís insatiable lust takes over and he presses Rylan up against the stall while sliding his dick into Rylanís ass. Rylan moans in ecstasy as he feels the penis slide in and out, and for his part Rod is clearly determined to fuck every ounce of cum out of Rylan before emptying his own load all over Rylanís face.Enjoy!