Alex & Iggy

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Next Door Buddies
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Starring Alex, Iggy, Dak Ramsey
  • Updated on 05-01-2007
  • Length 15:34 min
  • Rating 9 out of 10

School? Who needs school?

We caught up with Alex and Iggy early in the morning, just as they were supposed to head off to class at the local University.

Iggy tries to wake Alex up for class but as you will see, there was no class on Alex's agenda this morning. Alex pulls Iggy down to his level where he finds a mouthful of cock awaiting.

These two are destined to fail their classes because they cannot keep their hands off each other. Iggy pounds Alex from every position imaginable to then have the favor returned and receive all Alex has to offer as well.This bareback adventure is loaded with two bottoms, two cocks, facials and fun for all involved.

Skip class or work and enjoy this one for yourself!