Aquarius & Jake

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Next Door Buddies
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Starring Jake, Aquarius
  • Updated on 03-07-2007
  • Length 24:33 min
  • Rating 6.5 out of 10

Although Jake starts by himself, he doesn't finish alone!

Just after starting to pleasure himself while watching porn, Jake's friend Aquarius knocks on the door and asks to join in! Aquarius is a hot surfer-looking guy with a pierced nipple who just can't keep his hands or his mouth off Jake. Jake watches Aquarius devour his rod on the couch and then they move to the bed.

Then Aquarius pushes Jake onto his side and drives his mushroom tip deep into Jake's ass. Aquarius pounds and pounds Jake's tight ass until neither man can keep his cum in! Aquarius finishes first by squishing his load on Jake's stomach. Jake strokes himself empty and adds his mess to the one left by his friend