Aryx Quinn

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Starring Aryx Quinn
  • Updated on 03-08-2010
  • Length 21:43 min
  • Rating 3 out of 10

He's back, and he's still as studly as ever! That's right, Aryx Quinn, the straight 27 year old tattooed hunk is here on NextDoorMale to show you that he still loves the thrill showing the world his beautiful cock!

In today's scene, Aryx will be showing off his skills while hiking through woods.

After a 5 miles trek through the mountains, Aryx finds a watering hose and proceeds to cool himself off by drenching his hot body with the icy water.

After the hunk gets himself cooled off, there's only one thing a horny guy in the woods has to do…Pull out the cock and give it a good stroking!