Taking Advantage Of The Drunk Guy

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  • Updated on 10-19-2010
  • Length 26:32 min
  • Rating 5 out of 10

That Parker London is such a lush! He always gets wasted when he drinks with his pals Austin Wilde and Rod Daily. The three guys were playing drinking games and Parker wound up passed out with his ass out! One rule of thumb is never pass out with your shoes on. That makes you fair game for all kinds of silly pranks, and Austin and Rod aren't gonna pass up this opportunity.

First they write a few embarrassing things on his face, then out come the dicks for a little face slappage! They decide to drag Parker into the bedroom for a little more fun. When they realize his cock's starting to swell, they figure they'll suck him off, just to fuck with him! Once Parker realizes what's going on, he decides to perk up and take Rod's hard cock in his mouth while Austin fucks his ass! When Rod sees Austin's fat boner, he wants his hole to have a turn too. If you're gonna pass out, do it around these guys!