Brec Boyd

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Starring Brec Boyd
  • Updated on 09-24-2012
  • Length 15:11 min
  • Rating 7 out of 10

Brec Boyd is all alone in the gym, long after closing. Finished with his workout, he lingers in the shadows of the empty room, leaning against the cage and fondling his cock beneath his shorts. Opening his fly, he unfurls his hardening cock and takes off his gloves to get a better grip. Smacking it against his palm, he threads it through a hole in the chain link fence, slowly massaging it into peak performance mode. He sits down against the punching bag and spreads his legs to get a better feel, then without shame or restraint, he proceeds to stroke it to his heart's content. Bending over and fingering his taint, he strokes even faster, standing now to unleash the full contents of his load, which he does in a splash and blast that ends up all over the mat. Enjoy!