Christian Wilde & Isaac

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Next Door Buddies
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  • Updated on 09-11-2008
  • Length 18:23 min
  • Rating 7 out of 10

Christian Wilde was kicking back, touching himself while thumbing through a porn mag when he noticed that Issac Conn was standing in the doorway staring at him.

Christian in bi, but he does enjoy privacy when he's doing his own thing, so the unwelcome intrusion into his space didn't go too well. Basically, Christian called Issac some dirty names and told him if he really wants to see some cock, he better get over to him and suck it, before Christian decides to beat him up.

Lucky for Issac, that's exactly how he hoped the encounter would go.Not only does Christian fuck Issac's face, he turns him over and fucks his ass too!

So sit back and enjoy this awesome cum-laced NextDoorBuddies scene!