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Next Door Male
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Starring Christian
  • Updated on 11-05-2007
  • Length 20:05 min
  • Rating 7.6 out of 10

You might have seen Christian recently on TommyDxxx. Well today, he's here on NextDoorMale to show us just how sexy he is when he's all by himself.

This scene starts with this slim stud coming home on his street bike. When he dismounts the crotch rocket, he treats us to a slow strip down before he begins to stroke his cock and rub it on his motorcycle. If that weren't enough, he heads to the bathroom to gel his hair before heading to a hammock where he delivers more cock stroking extravagance. When he's ready empty his balls, he strolls down to a lawn chair by the creek, lays back and brings himself to a shooting orgasm, launching his cum all over himself. Very tasty!!