Girl just wanna have Coddy's cock

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Cody Cummings
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  • Updated on 10-22-2008
  • Length 18:37 min
  • Rating 8 out of 10

It's always fun to watch Cody when we bring a new girl to our shoots. He gets so into them, and of course, they totally get into him as well.

This time was no different, but keeping them apart long enough so that we could get their first sexual encounter on tape is tougher said than done.

Meet Madison Mason, a freshly 18 year old that thought it'd be fun to get into the porn biz. Cody couldn't be more thrilled. From her hot little body to her ability to take a huge cock, our favorite stud has his cake and eats it too.

The action goes down on the sofa and on the bed. Things get hot, and we mean really hot. Cody stays rock hard while he dicks down this blonde bombshell. When he can't hold out any longer, he literally shoots his man milk all over her back, creating a puddle of his love.