Masturbation & BJ while watching porn

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Cody Cummings
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  • Updated on 12-02-2009
  • Length 24:41 min
  • Rating 6 out of 10

Trent Locke is one of those cool guys who gets along with pretty much everyone. That's why he and Cody Cummings have made such fast friends of each other. Cody always loves to pal around with a new amigo, especially when there're BENEFITS!

When these two dudes are chillin' on Cody's bed, just watching a little porn, Trent's eye catches sight of Cody's notoriously large and juicy cock. With some hot sex happening on the tv, Trent is in exactly the right mood to give Cody's stiff dick a taste. And wouldn't you know it, Cody really appreciates the gesture from his new pal Trent.