Contract Work

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Next Door Ebony
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  • Updated on 12-20-2012
  • Length 17:41 min
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Jordan Deep is waiting on a few contractors who are set to deliver a quote concerning a kitchen remodel. Marc Williams and Jordano Santoro are good contractors and their prices reflect that in their quote. Jordan protests, and offers that there must be a compromise that can be reached. Marc reminds him that good doesnít come cheap, and that gives Jordan an idea. With that he drops to his knees and pulls out Marcís dick while Jordano starts to fondle himself. Before long at all, Jordano has joined them and now Jordan is throating both cocks in the kitchen. Feeling like they could spread out more in the living room, he sheds his pants and tells the others to follow him. Into the living room, where the three of them begin to suck each off before Marc and Jordano decide to get some of this sweet ass. First itís Marcís turn, and he bends Jordan over as Jordano face fucks his mouth. Then they flip it, and itís Jordanoís turn to pound away at Jordanís meaty ass, before both Jordano and Marc cum all over an exasperated, sweaty Jordan. Heís covered in cum, but given the cost of home repairs these days, itís totally worth it.