Cooling Down And Stroking Off

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Marcus Mojo
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Starring Marcus Mojo
  • Updated on 03-11-2011
  • Length 22:17 min
  • Rating 10 out of 10

There's a cool breeze blowing as Marcus Mojo winds down his workout for the day. He's just finished up a run through the hills and is doing his final few exercises. After a set of arm circles, it's pushups, then a quick upstairs/downstairs routine. Each of these are excellent ways to wrap up a good cardio session, but there's still a cherry on top.

Marcus retires to the luxury of the billiard room and removes his clothing, item by item. Shirt, shorts, and lastly socks come off. Then it's a sensual release as Marcus tugs his hard cock and rubs it slowly on a corner pocket. This is how Marcus gets sexy when he's all alone. Join him!