Diesel White

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Starring Diesel White
  • Updated on 01-13-2014
  • Length 20:39 min
  • Rating 7 out of 10

Diesel White is a serious, intense kind of guy who knows what he wants in life. Determined and hard-working, this small town kid has grown up, filling out in every direction and flexing for your enjoyment. His hulking shoulder and chest muscles show the spoils of his hard work, as we catch up with him at the end of his workout. After a nice lift and some cardio on the bag, Diesel has worked up a nice sweat, but he's only halfway done with his routine. Leaning back against the bag, he peels off his wet shirt and strips down to his underwear, stroking his cock through his shorts. Peeling the waistband back, he reveals the shiny tip of his cock, eager and ready for some attention. Diesel grips his shaft and wags it around the room confidently, his blue eyes reflected against the sun peeking through the window. Reclining now, back against the bag, Diesel spreads his legs and works his dick frenzied and throbbing, before he unleashes his load all over the gym floor. With his workout now complete, Diesel throws his sweaty brow back against the back and exhales triumphantly.


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