Everyone deserve a candy in this 3some

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Cody Cummings
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  • Updated on 12-30-2009
  • Length 28:22 min
  • Rating 3 out of 10

Coco Velvett has a sweet tooth. But candy isn't the only thing she's partial to; she can't get enough of Cody's huge cock! When Parker London heard she had some sexy ideas involving Cody Cummings and some delicious, sugary treats, his mouth was watering and his dick went hard.

With a fruit roll-up wrapped around his boner, Cody enjoys fervent sucking and licking from Coco and Parker while they share Coco's stash of eclectic confections. Parker comes up with a fun idea all three of them will enjoy. It involves a cherry lollipop, Cody's and Coco's tight little assholes, and Parker's tongue. Can you guess what it is??