Fuck Your Fantasy

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  • Updated on 02-26-2012
  • Length 33:02 min
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Itís a Sunday morning in autumn. The trees are changing color and the weather is changing. Which means that on the TV it is football season in full swing, and Brandon Lewis is hell bent this year on actually winning his Fantasy League. Tired of dwelling at the bottom of his standings, he has decided this year is the season he will stay on point, do some research, and not get sidetracked. Enter Darcy Tyler, Brandonís main distraction. She comes flitting out of the bathroom while heís trying to concentrate on the information being carefully disseminated, but her only objective is to distract him from his serious business. And itís no use. She is unrelenting in her pursuit, and she insists on her demands. It quickly becomes obvious to Brandon that if he wants to get back to his business, heís gonna have to give her some of the business first.So he mutes the TV and concentrates on her, stripping her out of her clothes and laying her back against the bed. She quickly goes to work on his cock as she straddles his face. He quickly forgets all about the Xs and Os of football and focuses on a different game involving penetration. She mounts his dick and rides him as he thrusts at her from below, and she quivers and cums as he pounds her unrelenting. This may have been her fantasy, but he has definitely taken it over, and he doesnít stop until the fantasy becomes a gooey reality all over her moist stomachÖNow back to the matters at hand. What was he doing again? Enjoy!