Gavin Waters & Spencer Reed

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Next Door Buddies
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  • Updated on 08-27-2009
  • Length 25:08 min
  • Rating 7.7 out of 10

Spencer Reed is back and ready to play some football with a sexy newcomer. The rookie Gavin is a blonde,tanned, surfer looking type of stud.

Both of these boys love football so they decide to throw the ball around a bit on a sunny day. Spencer is a bit of a butterfinger but it might be because he can't keep his eyes of the sexy hotty he's playing with.

Spencer has had enough catch and decides to tackle Gavin to the ground and play with a new set of balls.

They take the action inside the house and right at it they go. Some hot heavy making out and two big cocks are up for some heated action. Gavin loves the cock and starts digesting Spencers while making sure his balls are licked clean as well. Spencer returns the favor but in a short bit Gavin finds himself bent over and taking it hard and fast from all sorts of angles.

The end of the scene is very hot when the load blasts all over Gavins back and hair.