Good Little Piggy Boy

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  • Updated on 06-30-2011
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Dear Steven Daigle,

You are required to report to Mr. James Jamesson. Your movement will be restricted and your basic human liberties will be suspended. This order is not up for contest. Be prepared to accept a large, hard cock in (and around) your mouth and also in your ass.

Mr. Jamesson has been fully briefed regarding these terms and conditions. He has taken the necessary precautions to ensure a hard pounding of your asshole and a thorough abuse otherwise. You will be ball gagged for an indeterminate amount of time and cuffed as well. The nature of your interaction with Mr. Jamesson will most certainly result in warm cum spread evenly or unevenly about your face and possibly your chest. And be prepared to shoot your own load if Mr. Jamesson feels it a necessary requirement.


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