Hidden Camera

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Next Door Twink
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  • Updated on 02-05-2013
  • Length 26:08 min
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Trent Jackson hates a phony. Joey Devero has been shooting him sexy looks all semester and grabbing Trent's naked ass in gym class. But when Trent approaches him in the lunch yard, Joey makes fun of Trent in front of their classmates! Now Trent has hatched a plan. He wrote Joey a note, saying he'll suck his dick and not tell anyone about it. Joey shows up at Trent's house right on time, eager for a blowjob. But before he arrived, Trent set up a hidden camera to post a video of the hot hook up online! You'll get to see everything as Trent pulls down Joey's underwear to get his mouth on that big, Twink cock. And after some deep sucking, it's Joey's turn to taste Trent's fat dick. For a straight boy, he sure knows how to work a nice, hard boner. And if you thought that was pushing Joey's limits, wait until you see Trent slide his swollen cock into Joey's super tight ass! Watch this schoolboy get revenge on a peer while enjoying a hot, hidden camera romp in the process. Enjoy!