Johnny Torque

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Starring Johnny Torque
  • Updated on 12-12-2011
  • Length 28:51 min
  • Rating 7.7 out of 10

Johnny Torque is out for a day hike on the trail one afternoon by himself. Heís got a little snack and some libations, but he fears he might be lost. Stopping to drink a beer and take a load off, he checks his map and takes off his shirt to combat the heat. Some time later, he finds the resting spot he had been looking for: a scenic overlook that is covered from the heat and private from wandering eyes. So, taking the advantage that the shelter provides, he decides to squeeze one off before heading back to civilization. Out here a man can really unwind, relax and let himself go, and thatís just what Johnny does, spreading his legs wide and massaging his taint, then bending over the bench before finally sitting back down and cumming all over his chest. He decides this is one nature retreat heís going to have to make a regular routine.