Lucas & Ricky M

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Next Door Buddies
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Starring Lucas, Ricky M
  • Updated on 08-16-2007
  • Length 17:36 min
  • Rating 8.1 out of 10

Lucas has a big, uncut cock. Ricky M. has a big, uncut cock. They both like to masturbate to hot porn, and we've convinced Ricky M. to suck some dick. What do you get when you combine all that together? A hot jerk-off and blowjob scene.

Lucas and Ricky M. were kicking back the other day and decided to watch a bit of porn before they went out for the night. As they were watching the big-breasted vixen take big cocks in every hole, Ricky M. started to get hard...and so did Lucas. After a few minutes, both of them had their pants at their ankles and were stroking their stiff dicks. Ricky M. asked Lucas if he wanted a helping hand. Since it always feels better when someone else is touching your cock, he said sure. After tugging on his friend's member for a bit, Ricky M. leaned over and started sucking on it. Lucas liked that a bit more so he stood up and face-fucked his buddy until his balls tightened and his cock exploded all over Ricky M's chest. Ricky then sits down and jerks himself to completion. A Very hot scene.