Christian Wilde & Manny Vegas

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Next Door Buddies
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  • Updated on 10-15-2009
  • Length 23:02 min
  • Rating 5.9 out of 10

Christian Wilde and Manny Vegas are on their way home from baseball practice, and it was a strenuous practice to say the least. Not only did the coach ride Christian and Manny especially hard, Manny couldn't get rid of his pesky boner! Nobody noticed, but Manny just couldn't concentrate. All he could think about was getting laid. Now on the way home, Manny takes a chance and mentions to his good buddy Christian horny he's been. Christian is totally understanding.

In fact, Christian suggests they find a nice place to stop a while and jerk out a little frustration together, only the way good pals can. Manny is definitely game! These guys soon realize that it feels way better when a friend strokes your cock. And even better...a blowjob from a good buddy.