Max Steel

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Next Door Male
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Starring Max Steele
  • Updated on 06-04-2012
  • Length 30:05 min
  • Rating 5.9 out of 10

Prepare your senses for a flesh treat you won't ever forget. But understand that Max Steel may haunt even your dreams. When his gaze falls upon you, you'll feel a deep stirring. It will tingle in your extremities and send a rush through your entire body. And you'll surely feel it in your pants as your cock hardens, just as his does. Join Max as he enjoys his fat, erect dick and chiseled physique. Max knows you're there. He knows you're liking the way he moves. He can feel the same connection you're feeling. Let Max permeate your awareness as your senses elevate. Watch him jerk his hard man pole while you both work up to a mutual explosion. Enjoy!