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Next Door Buddies
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  • Updated on 06-14-2012
  • Length 18:25 min
  • Rating 5 out of 10

Adam Hardy sees it all the time. Handsome guy, home alone, stubs his toe or something and calls the EMT. If heís seen it once heís seen it a thousand times. Sure he goes through the routine: checks the pulse, all the vitals, etc. But he knows why they call. See, thereís nothing really wrong with Connor Maguireís leg. Now Connorís cock is another story. Standing at full mast as Adam administers medical response, it becomes obvious to Adam which part of the body really needs attention. Luckily for Connor, Adam is game, and so Connor lets his towel fall and drops all pretenses. Moments later heís got Adamís dick halfway down his throat, choking it down as Adam fucks his mouth in the bathroom. Grabbing Adamís ass and pulling him deeper, Connor gags on Adamís thick shaft while he strokes his own dick into a pulsing frenzy. Erupting in a gizz fueled explosion, it becomes to obvious to Adam that his work is done here, and to his credit, Connor seems much much better now!Enjoy!