Passionate bisexual threeway

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Cody Cummings
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  • Updated on 08-06-2008
  • Length 19:04 min
  • Rating 1 out of 10

Instead of Cody and one other person to play with, we deliver Cody Cummings with TWO other people to play with! Enter Zack Cook and Megan Moore. All three of these hotties will be getting their groove on.

Cody gives you a bit of an intro before the action begins. Zack undresses his girlfriend before Cody joins in on the fun. She sucks them both before Zack helps her suck Cody. The two guys tag team Megan before Zack strokes Cody to an intense orgasm. To top it off, for the first time EVER, Cody lets another guy cum on him!