Dak Ramsey & Patrick Rouge

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  • Updated on 01-10-2008
  • Length 20:10 min
  • Rating 8.6 out of 10

That muscled, gymnast-bodied Patrick Rouge is back, and he's brought a buddy of his with him. Meet Dak Ramsey; he's dark haired, buff and hung.

The two were feeling really horny the other day...actually, these two are always feeling horny, but you know what we mean. We wanted to see this duo in action, so we loaded in fresh tapes, gave them some condoms and lube, and sat back to watch.

What transpired is one of the most intense, erotic and hot scenes we've had the pleasure to see in quite a while. These two go at it like they've been in a cage without sex for years. There's passionate kissing and ass grabbing that turns into rimming and hardcore fucking.

Dak tops Patrick for this scene, giving his ass a thorough pounding from many different positions before he pulls out and blasts Patrick with his cum, who cums immediately after his buddy.