Peter Steele

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Starring Peter Steele
  • Updated on 01-10-2014
  • Length 17:07 min
  • Rating 7 out of 10

He's a man who knows exactly what he wants. Join Peter Steele as he relaxes on the couch, feeling the warmth from the fireplace. Peter is the type of guy that enjoys being nude. He knows his body well, and loves to treat it like a wonderland.

He's lean and sexy, the kind of guy you know works hard to keep his body tight. And with a cock like his, Peter isn't afraid to show you all of his assets. His butt is nice and plump. Check him out as he strokes his massive erection and caresses his luscious ass. Take a load off yourself and enjoy some time to recharge and invigorate. Peter is happy to be your tantalizing host for an erotic experience you won't forget.