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Next Door Male
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Starring Phoenix
  • Updated on 04-09-2007
  • Length 20:10 min
  • Rating 8.1 out of 10

The most requested stud we have is making his second appearance on NextDoorMale.
It's been many, many months since the last time we got to see the chiseled-bodied Phoenix filmed in the NextDoorMale style. Now he's 21, a bit more defined and a lot more comfortable in front of the camera. He's ready to put on the best show so far.
The scene starts with Phoenix showing up to his place after a nice workout. There's nothing like a bit of a stroke to promote healthy muscle growth, so Phoenix takes a seat, massages himself a bit, then pulls out his cock and teases his long cock.
A bit later that day, Phoenix shows up at his friend's house. Since no one seemed to be home, Phoenix decides to let himself in. Confirming the house's emptiness, Phoenix gets a bit risky and strips down to finish himself off. He does exactly that, but adding to the excitement, he chooses to cum on his friend's bed.