Fan Fuck

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Rod Daily
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  • Updated on 08-31-2012
  • Length 31:50 min
  • Rating 9.1 out of 10

Rod Daily was apprehensive at first to agreeing to a fan contest. Considering all the things that could have gone wrong, the fact that Jasper Robinson won is just great with Rod. Jasper is giggly and nervous, but heís got a great look and is eager to shoot with Rod, and his reverence of Rodís body is apparent. Even though heís the contest winner, Rod takes control of the awe-struck Jasper, stripping down and flexing as Jasper caresses Rodís body up close and personal. Much better than fantasizing from afar, Jasper takes Rodís cock in his mouth and tongues his balls. Rod pushes him back against the sofa and returns the favor, and Jasper almost explodes from the thrill of it. With cocks fully erect, Rod penetrates Jasper as Jasper emits a moan of pleasure. Itís not every day a fan has his fantasy fulfilled, and Jasper is soaking up every second of it, leaking pre-cum as Rod pumps him from behind, before finally exploding all over himself as Rod fucks him missionary. Rod then pulls out and leaves Jasper one final parting gift- a blast of cum that Jasper wonít soon forget. Enjoy!