Rex Raw

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Starring Rex Raw
  • Updated on 09-23-2013
  • Length 20:54 min
  • Rating 8.2 out of 10

Rex Raw is an east coast guy with soft eyes and a hard swagger. He likes to have fun, whether he's playing in the field or partying at night, but when it's time to get down to business, this no nonsense stud is ready to put in work like a boss. Flexing his biceps it's easy to imagine his arms wrapped around you, his ripped chest pulling you closely, as you discover the rod getting harder and harder inside his shorts. He peels off his tank top and reclines against the cage, losing his shorts and grabbing his cock at the base, wagging it around and showing it off like the exhibitionist that he is. Lowering himself as he slides down the fence post, he spreads his legs, seated on a mat, and his cock sticks straight up in the air, just begging for attention. He wraps his fingers around the shaft and teases the pre-cum beading up at the tip, before he stands back up, leaning against the wall, and lets loose with a raw load that he smears into his chest and stomach just as the camera catches the satisfied look in his pool like eyes.


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