Rod Spunkel

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Starring Rod Spunkel
  • Updated on 12-10-2007
  • Length 19:47 min
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We thought we've seen it all, from smaller cocks to gigantic cocks; the whole spectrum...That is, until we met Rod Spunkel.

He's a 27 year old guy who has the biggest cock we've ever seen. Measuring in at 10 inches long, and just about 7 inches in circumference, the thing must weigh a good 3 pounds when hard. To top it off, he's a pretty good looking guy.

He found us through the internet and told us we'd be missing out if we didn't at least give him a shot. After seeing his little monster, we couldn't agree more.

So enjoy this fit young guy while he strokes his cock outside and inside and blows a good sized load onto himself.