Rod Spunkel

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Starring Rod Spunkel
  • Updated on 12-29-2008
  • Length 20:11 min
  • Rating 7.3 out of 10

You may have seen big cocks before, but we guarantee that you've never seen a cock that's as thick as your wrists and over 10 inches long. Meet Rod Spunkel!

This mid-twenties hairy hunk made his first appearance close to a year ago, and now that he's back in town, he's ready to jump head first into porn. To make it easy on the guy, we gave him a NextDoorMale scene, so he could get warmed up to being in front of a camera again. We're hoping we'll be able to talk him into a little guy on guy action soon.

So here he is, Rod Spunkel and his gigantic cock, stroking himself AND sucking himself, for your enjoyment!

Have fun with this one!