The Ranch Hand

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Samuel O'Toole
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Starring Samuel O'Toole
  • Updated on 11-16-2010
  • Length 25:20 min
  • Rating 6.5 out of 10

Another day on the open range. Samuel O'Toole knows these hills... these rolling valleys. It's here that he comes for peace and solace. This is the place where he drinks a cold one, letting his aching body rest for a while. This is the place where his mind drifts, often thinking of things that make is cock swell and beg for attention.

This is the time of day for release. This is when Samuel feels his sexiest, his horniest. This is the time and place to stroke his meaty, bulging dick with his rough, caliced ranch hand hands. Watch Samuel unwind the same way men of the range have since the old west...with a cold beer and a hard cock.