Samuel & Sebastian

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Next Door Buddies
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Starring Samuel, Sebastian
  • Updated on 05-30-2007
  • Length 16:42 min
  • Rating 8 out of 10

We've been getting so many requests to have Sebastian and Samuel hook up again it's incredible. We were left with only one option...Bring you another hard-on producing scene.

This time the two are paired on the plush bed, where Samuel submits to the dominant Sebastian.

Samuel slowly sucks his straight friend, making sure he's rock hard to be able to slam his ass well...Which he does of course.Like a good cocksucker, Samuel also tongues his friend's tight hole before Sebastian has his way with the smaller hottie, bending him over and shoving his cock all the way into that tight ass. They both open up and really enjoy themselves throughout.

This scene doesn't disappoint, with good positions, and two smoking hot studs being filthy sex pigs. We love it, and we're sure you will too!