Solo Alarm Fire

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Samuel O'Toole
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Starring Samuel O'Toole
  • Updated on 12-14-2010
  • Length 21:27 min
  • Rating 5.5 out of 10

Samuel O'Toole is a fireman... a damn good one. Don't think for one second he's gonna let the blaze in his pants rage for very long. He's got just the right equipment for the job and nobody can stop this hunky and horny firefighting hero.

He's stripping down to battle this out of control boner with his bare hands. All he needs is his bottle of lube to help rub this monster out. It's a good thing Samuel has experience with giant fire hoses because his cock is massive. He knows just the right technique for this one, slow and steady, just like he and the rest of the boys learned at the academy. But when his hose gets ready to blow, you better stand clear!