Stripped To The Bone

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Trystan Bull
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  • Updated on 10-16-2011
  • Length 19:22 min
  • Rating 3.4 out of 10

Trystan Bull and Kelly Summers have a little game they like to play. Trystan pretends to be a stranger and Kelly pretends to be a stripper. He oogles while she disrobes, and they lock eyes from across the room, pretending to have just met for the first time. Their animal magnetism is palpable and before too long, Trystan knows that he must have her at once, so he motions for her to join him and she is more than willing. Before too long, she's got her lips around his dick and her hands on his balls. Not satisfied with just a blow job, Trystan turns her over and fucks her silly on the couch, before cumming all over her in a veritable explosion.