Sweet Solitude

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Samuel O'Toole
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Starring Samuel O'Toole
  • Updated on 04-28-2012
  • Length 22:00 min
  • Rating 5.4 out of 10

The Irish dream, Samuel O'Toole is inviting you along for a very private, very intimate cock stroking session. It's a peaceful afternoon and Sammy has been aching to touch himself. Join him as he runs his fingers over those amazing, rippled abs and across his incredibly hot chest. Then feast your eyes on Sammy's plump ass while he spreads his cheeks for your enjoyment. You'll salivate as your cock bulges and pulsates, just like Sammy's when you see him take that fat meat pole in his hand. With every pump, you'll be pulled closer to Sammy himself, as you both build toward satisfying sexplosion. Enjoy!