Throat Choke

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Next Door Buddies
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  • Updated on 11-18-2010
  • Length 21:21 min
  • Rating 7.8 out of 10

When Jimmy Clay walked in on Brandon Lewis touching himself in the bathroom a few days ago, it wasn't a surprise. These two friends have seen each other naked many times, and have even shared a few women over the years.On this particular day though, the two college aged guys were in a different mood. A horny mood. A playful mood. A mood that made both of them not care who was on the other end of their cocks. And since it was only them in the bathroom together, it was time to get it on!

Jimmy Clay chokes on his buddies cock before bending him over and sliding his hardon into that waiting puckerhole.

The two share cocks and then share cum.