Allan & Tim

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Next Door Buddies
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Starring Allan, Tim
  • Updated on 03-07-2007
  • Length 12:49 min
  • Rating 8 out of 10

These two college guys have been going out for about 3 months. They met in the school library. When they're dressed, they seem like shy, timid boys, but when they get together, naked on the bed, they change.

Their cocks get hard for each other. Allan starts sucking on Tim's member, until Tim takes off Allan's pants and starts rubbing his hands all over his body. Very passionately, they look into each others eyes, smile and kiss. The lube comes out and Tim inserts his bare dick into Allan tight little college ass. He humps him until he pulls out and unloads onto Allan's tight stomach.

Now that's the bareback way.