Tommy D Cock Muscle Work out

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Tommy D XXX
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Starring Tommy D, Brodie
  • Updated on 04-01-2007
  • Length 19:20 min
  • Rating 7 out of 10

Brodie was in town recently and Tommy was nice enough to let him stay at his place for a few days.

Tommy woke up one morning and found Brodie working out in the living room. Seeing the manly stud working his muscles got Tommy a bit hot, so he decided to join Brodie in exercising. But Tommy, being the sex-fiend that he is, chose to work his cock-muscle instead of his abs or biceps.

While stroking, Tommy asks his hot friend to strip down. Once naked, Brodie wants to get in on the fun, and knows Tommy sucks cock, so he requests a BJ. Tommy happily obliges and takes his buddies thick manhood into his mouth. Tommy serves Brodie a nice blowjob, letting the hunk cum all over him.

A hot scene with two hot young guys.