A Nice Massage With A Creamy Ending

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Tommy D XXX
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Starring Tommy D, Phoenix
  • Updated on 03-03-2007
  • Length 15:24 min
  • Rating 7 out of 10

Since Tommy has been getting a load of requests to have Phoenix 'do more', Tommy is pleased to bring the chiseled bodied 20 year old back to have a bit more fun with. There's only one thing; Phoenix is straight.

That's okay though, as Tommy is just looking to give a message; and that's what happens. Tommy lubes up the stud, and then rubs the lotion into his rippling muscles, giving them a nice sheen. Since this of course turns Tommy on, he insists that they sit down and take a 'load' off. So the two take a seat, lube up their poles and start stroking for gold.

Phoenix pops first, dumping the contents of his balls on to his 6 pack, with Tommy following shortly thereafter, shooting his load all the way up to his shoulder.

Tommy hopes he'll be able to convince this hottie that bi is fly.