Tommy D Breakfast In Bed

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Tommy D XXX
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Starring Tommy D
  • Updated on 01-11-2008
  • Length 13:35 min
  • Rating 7 out of 10

Tommy loves the work that he does. Even though he's straight, he enjoys messing around with the guys, and you know how loves messing around with the ladies. But there's one special lady in Tommy's life that he enjoys being with more than anything, and that would be Ruby.

Even though Tommy goes home with her every night, they haven't hooked up in a scene for quite some time. These two make this one hot hot hot.

Tommy wakes up his girl by ripping the sheets off of her sleeping body and telling her it's time for breakfast in bed...and you know what that means!

He does her good until he blows his load all over her tight stomach, ending a hot scene between two real-life lovers.