Tommy & Stewart Are Ready To Have Fun

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Tommy D XXX
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Starring Tommy D, Stewart
  • Updated on 03-30-2007
  • Length 18:32 min
  • Rating 10 out of 10

Tommy has a new friend he'd like to introduce to you today.

Meet the 23 year old Stewart, a massively ripped straight but curious guy who has shown up on TommyD's set to push his boundaries, have fun, and make some cash.

Tommy quickly introduces Stewart, giving us an insight into this hulk's life. He seems pretty kinky and ready to have fun.

These two hit it off real well, with Tommy taking the big man's cock into his mouth first, but shortly thereafter, Stewart doesn't want to Tommy to feel left out, so they move into a hot 69, where both of these studs end up blowing their loads onto each other.