Tommy D Getting Hot With A FireFighter

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Tommy D XXX
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Starring Tommy D, Ricky M
  • Updated on 04-15-2007
  • Length 20:09 min
  • Rating 7 out of 10

Ever since we added Ricky M, a 22 year old firefighter, to our sites, we've been getting dozens of positive feedback e-mails and requests for him to hook up with Tommy. Well, your request is our command...or something like that.

Tommy thinks Ricky M. is a stud, so of course he had no problem lubing him up and giving the hunk one of his signature rub-downs.

Now you know it's not JUST a massage, because Tommy is much too horny to just rub a hottie like Ricky M. He has to get a taste of that cock as well...And that's just what happens. After loosening up Ricky M's muscles, Tommy goes down on the tanned stud, taking his beautiful uncut cock into his mouth and sucking the daylights out of it. Ricky doesn't mind touching a guy, so he returns the favor, making Tommy quiver in joy and excitement. The two swap BJs and jump into a 69 before they both blow their loads all over themselves; bringing an end to a super-hot and erotic scene.