Tommy D Intense Ass Ramming

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Tommy D XXX
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Starring Tommy D, Samuel
  • Updated on 03-13-2007
  • Length 15:09 min
  • Rating 7 out of 10

Tommy has the smoking hot Canadian Samuel to play with today.

We thought we'd get him a treat since he's been so well behaved lately...not that our beloved TommyD does anything that you wouldn't approve of :)

Tommy jumps right into this one, immediately kissing and rubbing all over Samuel, getting him nice and primed for the pounding that's right around the corner.

The two suck each other, and then Tommy dives right into Samuels's ass with his tongue and fingers, banging the dark-haired stud's tight hole.

The two interact really well, letting us know that they are having a great time, enjoying every inch of each other. They get turned on so much by one another that they both unload their balls just about simultaneously, making for a double-the-fun ending.