Trystan Bull

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Starring Trystan Bull
  • Updated on 01-21-2008
  • Length 20:12 min
  • Rating 8.9 out of 10

Here's Trystan Bull, another NextDoorMale exclusive. This guy's gorgeus, and only 22 years old.When he's not making money at clubs around North America, he's working out or spending time with beautiful women...what a life!

Trystan loves his body, and he wanted to show it off to people all over the world, so we convinced him that doing some porn would give him that opportunity.

For this scene, Tristan starts by slowly undressing in the bedroom. When nude, he lies on the bed and begins stroking his 8+ inch cock. After that bit of teasing, he moves to the shower where he continues his body worship, soaping up then jerking a bit more. When he wants to cum, he goes into another room, where he lies on the floor and sheds his towel. After furiously yanking on his cock, he grunts, spreads his legs, and unloads his balls onto his perfect abs.