Thomas & Wade

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Next Door Buddies
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Starring Wade, Thomas
  • Updated on 05-01-2007
  • Length 18:01 min
  • Rating 8.1 out of 10

So we had this bet going on in the office that we could get a 'straight' guy to give it to AND take it from another guy for our next Next Door Buddies scene.

There was heavy opposition in the office, like people saying that's why they call themselves 'straight' because they don't like dick. Well, I wanted to prove them wrong, so I found Wade, a well built, but semi-metro looking 'straight' guy that did a solo for Next Door Male (

Then I found Thomas, a tall, skinny-but-lean college guy that likes to be with 'straight' guys. I approached Wade and told him the deal. I almost thought I was going to lose the bet, but, it turned out Wade needed to scrounge up some rent money really quick.

So one thing led to another, and we got both these dudes into a room, and actually, they took charge of the situation, as you can see by their dialogue in the beginning of the scene.