Webcam Waiting Game

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Next Door Twink
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  • Updated on 07-19-2011
  • Length 30:14 min
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Hayden Chandler is a very impatient boy. He and his friend Logan have been waiting for their friends for over a half hour and are becoming a bit antsy. Hayden wants to call them to find out when they'll arrive, but Logan has other, sexier plans.

Logan has been messing around with his webcam lately and wants to put on a little show while he and Hayden wait. Hayden is very reluctant though and not so sure putting sex on display in the middle of the afternoon is entirely appropriate. Good thing he's a pushover! Once Hayden's shirt comes off, it's on with the party. Hayden is wrapping his lips around Logan's luscious cock for their webcam pals (and you) to enjoy. Then he's sitting on Logan's enormous dick with pleasure, and riding like the boner-loving young Twink he is.